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Flea Control in Wake Forest

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Effective Flea Removal Services in Youngsville, Rolesville, Raleigh & Beyond

Flea infestations can be a persistent nuisance, affecting your home and threatening the well-being of your pets and loved ones. We understand the urgency of addressing flea problems promptly and effectively at Wake Pest.

Our team of skilled professionals is committed to providing top-tier flea exterminator services tailored to the unique needs of Wake Forest residents. Discover how we can help you reclaim your home from these tiny but troublesome pests and ensure a comfortable living environment for your family and pets.

Our Wake Forest flea control experts offer safe and effective treatments that provide long-lasting results. With over 15 years of experience successfully resolving flea issues, we’re the team to trust to get rid of your unwanted guests.

Reach out for professional flea control today so we can develop a solution customized to your needs. Give us a call at (919) 373-3320 to get started!

Signs of a Flea Infestation

Many homeowners have a flea infestation and don’t even realize it. Because fleas are really small (about 2.5mm in length) and tend to hop around below our line-of-sight, they can be easy to miss. However, you might be experiencing some signs of a flea infestation and not know that fleas are the cause of the issue.

Common signs that fleas have taken up residence in your home include:

  • Your pet is scratching, licking, or biting their fur excessively
  • Your pet has reddened skin or has lost hair
  • Your pet has become restless or had a change in demeanor
  • You have itchy bites around your ankles and knees
  • You have black dots on your white socks
  • You see small, reddish-brown specks (flea feces) on your pet or around your home
  • You find flea eggs (small and white) in your carpet

Contact us now at (919) 373-3320 or online if you have any questions about securing your home from pesky invaders.

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Why flea treatment is important for your home

Once you have a flea infestation on your property, it is very difficult to get rid of. One reason for this is that adult female fleas can lay up to 40 eggs every day after feeding.

This means that the number of fleas in your home is increasing at a very rapid rate. Not only this, but a flea can survive for up to 100 days without a host. You can expect that the problem won’t just go away on its own.

Perhaps you’re wondering why flea removal is so important. Do fleas pose that much threat? You may be familiar that fleas love to feed on pets. Their bites cause itchy areas that your pet will want to scratch at.

This can open their skin and lead to infection. Fleas can also carry tapeworms, which could significantly affect your pet’s health. Fleas also like to bite humans, which can cause prolonged itching that leads to infection. It’s also possible for flea bites to trigger allergic reactions or exacerbate respiratory illnesses.

Let Us Help You Eliminate Your Flea Infestation

Getting rid of fleas is not easy. Rely on Wake Pest to ensure the job is done right. Our family-owned and operated company is here to provide a solution tailored to your specific needs.

We don’t just dump products – we develop a strategic attack plan to ensure your problem is dealt with as effectively and thoroughly as possible.

Contact us now at (919) 373-3320 or online if you have any questions about securing your home from from pesky fleas.