Eliminate Mosquitos

Everyone knows that mosquitos live and breed in warm, humid climates. Unfortunately, that makes Wake Forest, NC and the surrounding areas a prime environment for these pests. Mosquito bites are more than just painful and itchy, as bites sometimes result in serious illnesses. 

Get back to enjoying the great outdoors without covering up or loading on the bug spray with Wake Pest! We’ll identify any suspected breeding areas and control the pests before they take over your summer.

Reduce Mosquitos Around Your Property

There are some steps that you can take to keep mosquitos from bugging you without lathering up in repellant.

  • Light Candles/Lanterns When Outside: Having citronella candles can drive these pesky insects away. However, these are more effective for smaller areas, so they are much more useful on your patio or deck rather than strategically placed around your exterior. 
  • Install Traps: Traps will catch any mosquitos in the area, but you should remember to check and change traps on a regular basis. 
  • Get Rid of Standing Water: Did you know that a mosquito can lay eggs in just a bottle capful of water? Standing water or high-moisture areas will attract mosquitos, so make sure to care of these and consider installing a dehumidifier. 

Still swatting away these bugs? Let Wake Pest professionally handle the problem! 

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